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About Me

Hello, I am Norma Farias Medrano, writer and soul of Puffys puffys life.

This blog is the perfect outlet to showcase my passions and share them with the world. I’m a teacher, mommy, dreamer, doer and now a blogger. I love art, music, crafts, baking, photography, videography and graphic design. I have a Master degree in Early Childhood with a passion for Learning and little thing in life that bring me JOY and make me SMILE. I live in South Texas with my wonderful husband, Eddie and my beautiful daughter, Chloe. Together we create fun Youtube videos about toy reviews and precious family moments where we capture our somewhat crazy but best family moments.   My class has always been a creative arena where students learn new skills and express their inner creativity through art and crafts. Puffys Puffys was created as a slogan in my Pre-K classroom to get my students to produce their best creative work. (Make it Puffys Puffys: Def, Mega creative and nice). Puffys Puffys transcended into my family life, whenever something is extraordinary, beautiful or crafty I call it Puffys Puffys. I would like to share in this blog educational DIY crafts, Party decor, sweet kids inspiration, kids baking ideas and Fun YouTube Videos.  My goal is to provide inspiration for anyone who is passionate about enjoying everyday Family Precious moments.

Love the little things that you are passionate about, because at the end you will realize, they were the big things that gave you joy and love in your life time.

Remember whatever you create, make sure it makes you smile!!

GOD Bless!



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