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Hi, I’m Norma, Welcome to my inspirational heaven.

Puffys puffys life is a blog about everything that makes me smile.  I love art, crafts, scrapbooking, graphic design, and animation. This blog is the perfect outlet to combine some of my passions and share it with the world.  I am a former pre-K teacher, which I loved and am currently teaching ESL .   My class has always been a creative arena where students learn new skills and express their inner creativity thorough art and crafts.  Puffys Puffys was created as a slogan in my classroom to get my students to produce their best creative work.  (Make it Puffys Puffys, Def: Mega creative and nice) Puffys Puffys transcended in to my family life, whenever something is extraordinary, beautiful or crafty I call it Puffys Puffys. As a new mom of a beautiful girl and with a Masters degree in Early Childhood I would like to share in this blog educational DIY crafts.  Mommies can create crafts on a budget that can help their toddler with their motor skills, pre-literacy and math skills that will help them be successful in pre-school. (P.S This skills are tested in pre-K and Kinder).

This blog provides Puffys Puffys design inspiration for kids  parties, DIY tutorials, baby and kids rooms, educational crafts, graphic design work and more.

Consider my blog a one-stop shop and get inspiration for all you may need when it comes to planning your party or creating an educational craft for your children.

Feel free to leave comments or contact me about an even you’re having in the Rio Grande Valley (TEXAS).

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